Tour Edge Houdini Ladies Driver Review

Tour-Edge-Houdini-Ladies-Driver Tour Edge is synonymous with the ladies’ success in golf. As a leading choice among brands that offer quality golf products, Tour Edge has managed to live up to every small expectation of the lady golfers. Its drivers have provided women with maximum confidence and reliability on the greens, giving the men a serious run for their money.

At the top of the list is Tour Edge’s Houdini Ladies driver. This one is equipped with the best of features from the house of  Tour Edge to offer spectacular shot generation capacity. The highlight of this forged titanium-made driver is the extremely light graphite shaft that can help the lady make the most difficult shots with utmost ease. Another feature that makes the driver completely irresistible for the ladies is the exceptional loft measure of 16 degrees that offers maximum results in every swing.

This is not all. The 420cc club head offers ultimate forgiveness in distance shots, making the lady the queen of the greens. The shorter height of the shaft enables squaring at impact, while the offset design lets you achieve the highest launches.

Endowed with all theses attractive features, the Houdini definitely puts the other drivers to shame.

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