Tour Edge Geomax Ladies Driver Review

Tour-Edge-Geomax-Ladies-Dri Tour Edge is the most reliable brand of golf products that lady golfers around the world seek. It offers every small bit of performance-enhancing ability that can keep the women ahead at the game. Tour Edge drivers are known to bring about match-winning performances that can give the men a run for their money.

The Geomax driver designed for the fairer sex is an ultimate find in the world of golf. With a unique geometric design that can make professionals out of amateurs, the Geomax is all about exceptional control and responsiveness so as to enable the most straightest of drives.

With its expanded dimensions that just about keep from crossing the USGA limits, the driver offers the maximum possible improvement in the game. The tungsten rear weight reposition weighing about 20 grams makes the driver impeccable for its appropriately low Centre of Gravity and the ultimate increase in its Moment of Inertia. It boasts of an incredible MOI of 5000 g/cm2.

The superior design specifications make the Geomax offer unprecedented forgiveness and straightness even in the longest drives. This quality comes from its limit-crossing breadth-to-face-length-ratio that comes at an exceptional .974.

So ladies, your search ends here.

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