Nike SQ Sumo Square Ladies Driver Review

Nike-SQ-Sumo-Square-Ladies- For all those who think of pink, and other feminine things, when they see a lady, must think again. Because the women golf players around the world, with a good help from Nike, are bent on proving this age-old notion wrong. Nike’s SQ Sumo Square Driver for ladies is far from being feminine.

It is big and huge, and boasts of the maximum legally possible head volume (as per USGA norms). Yes, the driver is all set to give the men a serious run for their money. It is also equipped with a powerful COR limit, which also hinges on the USGA’ maximum limit border. The SQ Sumo Square comes with an outstanding 16 degrees loft height, enough to give all the men a huge complex. Nike is giving all you ladies a chance to get back at the men. Enjoy.

The driver also offers the maximum possible Moment of Inertia that brings a great deal of forgiveness in your off centre shots. The ultimate square geometry, along with the Nike PowerBow Weighting technology that unfailingly straightens all your shots, is sure to give the men nightmares.

Women are no more meant to be taken lightly. At least not on the greens.

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