Nike SQ Sumo Lucky Ladies Driver Review

Nike-SQ-Sumo-Lucky-Ladies-D Nike has been putting big smiles on the ladies’ faces in every golf circuit in the world. The SQ Sumo technology is exactly what has made this this driver so ‘Lucky’ for the women players.

The refined shot-making capacity that the Nike SQ Sumo ladies driver unleashes is sure to set the greens on fire. The credit goes to the technological evolution of the driver’s geometry specification that Nike has meticulously advanced. This is not all. You can tell that Nike has splurged on its R&D for this one by just looking at its enhanced and relocated centre of gravity which has been strategically determined to help the women make the most terrific and accurate shots. The superior Moment of Inertia is also meant to create utmost forgiveness with every stroke, keeping you effortlessly ahead in the game. It also offers the appropriate loft height of 13 degrees that gives the ladies a due advantage of generating more speed and accuracy in every shot.

The highlight of the driver, however, happens to be the PowerBow Weighting Technology from Nike that makes it highly yielding to the lady’s every small demand on the greens. With the ultimate improvement in shot-shaping, you can smoothly cut across the fairway with every shot. Display your talent to the fullest with this game-enhancing golf driver, and give a complex to all the man around. You can chose to pair the Sq Sumo with a flexible and responsive iDiamana yellow board shaft, which would be a particularly good idea when you are playing on a Tour. With Nike’s best yet, there’s no stopping the ladies now. Let’s see if they happen to be as forgiving as the driver is.

With all this and more, this driver is a power-packed weapon to be unleashed on the greens. Men, beware.

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